Australia Moore Energy trading as Amazing Green Technology (AMGT) is formed from a group of electricians with various skill sets, experiences and qualifications. Since the beginning of the company, we have focused on serving local communities and customers within South Australia. Thus, AMGT loves and cares for the local communities, the environment, and most importantly the future. Members of AMGT have 7 years experience with green energy in Australia and overseas

We aspire to help our customers; hence we will convert the fight against soaring electricity bills into using solar energy. Not only can this change significantly by reducing your monthly electricity bills, but it also has many beneficial effects toward the environment.

We are proud to be members of Clean Energy Council (CEC).

  • Amazing Green Technology is a CEC APPROVED RETAILER, meaning we choose to follow the best practice in the solar industry.

Now, choosing us and the future of renewable energy will have a great impact on you!