We specialize in solar power and battery, air-conditioning, security alarm systems, CCTV cameras surveillance systems, antenna and communications, and all other electrical jobs. We will help your with all needs for domestic, commercial and industrial requirements.

We are fully qualified and licensed electricians with many years of experience in helping our customers with all electrical needs. From installing solar power system and battery, main switchboard upgrade, new air conditioner system to new outdoor power point, maintenance and service of your electrical appliances, our team will ensure that the job is done correctly and professionally.


Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Solar power system

Solar battery

Switchboard upgrades

Complete electrical set-ups for new home


Solar system maintenance and service

Air conditioner installation and service

Lighting – upgrades and specialty solutions

Power points and outdoor power outlets

Electrical appliance fitting

Safety switches and surge protection

Smoke alarms

Electric gates and intercoms

TV antenna and phone outlets.

We’re fully trained, licensed, accredited, and insured.


We have many of years of great working relationships with various builders in Adelaide.

Be it Solar power system, new air conditioning system, new power points or new lights, we would be able to help with.

Reliable and professional are us, we will surely make your business more competitive.

Our fully qualified and licensed team can help with all your commercial and industrial electrical needs.

With our years of experience we can offer a complete range of electrical solutions from solar power system design, installation and maintenance to electrical testing and tagging and adding power points. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you and your business.


We think most families and business owners should have solar panels on their roofs. We have been suffering the most expensive electricity in the world, quarterly or monthly power bill has been such a headache for many. South Australia has more bright sunny days compared with many other places on earth. Also we have the most generous government rebate and battery inventive to encourage us to go solar. By the results from our own customer’s solar power systems, most family will get their investment in solar back within 3 years. Many of our customers don’t pay any electricity bills and even get credit.

The price of your electricity paid by your electricity retailer to you is called feed in tariff. Some electricity retailers still offer a generous feed-in tariff of 45cents if your join the VPP scheme. In this case, if you use more power during night and have lots of power sent into the grid, our solar expert might suggest that it’s time to invest in a solar battery system which can be easily add onto your old or new solar power system.


Solar inverter converts the DC (Direct Current) power from your panels into AC (alternating current) which is used in your home and on the grid.

The power produced by the solar panels on the roof is firstly used by your home. If you have your battery installed, the excess power after home use will go to charge your battery, the extra power after the battery is fully charged will go the grid.


What you need to know about the right solar panel

Check out the details about your property: the switchboard, roof structure, orientation, roof pitch, wiring options, etc.

Have you got 3 phase power or as most families have single phase power. Legally you are allowed to export 5 kW power to the grid with a single phase. We will put the maximum 6.6 kW roof panels with a 5 KW inverter to give you the largest generating ability.

Our solar experts have profound knowledge about different types of premium solar panels. Each of them have their own particular advantages. We would choose the right panels according to the condition and measurements of your roofs to fit them in perfectly to offer you the best power generating performance.

The panels we use are all tier one products which have at least 12 years product warranty and 25 years of performance warranty. We promise that we are the one stop warranty undertaker. Any warranty issues, we will solve them for you so that you have no worries about the quality assurance of your solar system for the years to come after the installation.


Considerations for choosing the right solar inverters

Is your home shaded or do you want to include a battery in your system? If you have shaded home, you might consider to use micro inverters or optimisers. If you want to include a battery, you will have to use a compatible inverter, which will work with your battery.

Since inverter is the most vulnerable device of your solar system, it will be wise to choose solar inverters with longer warranty. Most inverters we use have a warranty between 5 and 10 years.

Battery inverters and backup

If you wish to be protected from blackouts, you must choose the right inverter which can offer the function of backup. But most batteries will not back up your whole house, only essentials like lighting and fridge.

Online monitoring

Modern inverters have the function screen to show the working status on the unit itself. Also you will be able to download an app on your mobile or tablet to monitor the performance of your solar system anywhere and anytime.