What you need to know about the right solar panel

  • Check out the details about your property: the switchboard, roof structure, orientation, roof pitch, wiring options, etc.

  • Have you got 3 phase power or as most families have single phase power. Legally you are allowed to export 5 kW power to the grid with a single phase. We will put the maximum 6.6 kW roof panels with a 5 KW inverter to give you the largest generating ability.

  • Our solar experts have profound knowledge about different types of premium solar panels. Each of them have their own particular advantages. We would choose the right panels according to the condition and measurements of your roofs to fit them in perfectly to offer you the best power generating performance.

  • The panels we use are all tier one products which have at least 12 years product warranty and 25 years of performance warranty. We promise that we are the one stop warranty undertaker. Any warranty issues, we will solve them for you so that you have no worries about thequality assurance of your solar system for the years to come after the installation.