Save your bills!

Most families and business owners with a roof should have solar panels on their roof. Households and businesses have been suffering the most expensive electricity in the world, quarterly or monthly power bill has been such a headache for many.

Help the world out!

South Australia has more bright sunny days compared with many other places on earth. And it’s endless and free! Not to mention the global warming caused by the carbon emission from burning fossil fuel to produce electricity.

It actually works!

We still have the most generous government rebate in Australia and battery inventive to encourage us to go solar, even though the rebate has been winding down every year. By the results from our own customer’s solar power systems, most family will get their investment in solar back within 3 years. Many of our customers don’t pay any electricity bills and even get credit.

We believe in solar energy is the future and do everything we can to bring this wonderful technology into the hands of more people.

It’s definitely a no brainier to install the solar panels on your roof, if you have a roof”, said one of our solar customers, after receiving her first quarter electricity bill.

Save your bills, save our planet!